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  2. HIER GIBT'S DAS VIRTUELLE TICKET. An alle Teilnehmer der BlizzCon: AXS verschickt ab heute virtuelle Ticket-Codes an alle Käufer des BlizzCon Pass, BlizzCon Portal Pass oder BlizzCon Benefit Dinner Pass. Behaltet also euer Postfach im Auge. Wenn ihr mehr als ein Ticket auf eurem AXS-Account habt, erhaltet ihr eine E-Mail mit mehreren Codes (einen für jedes Ticket auf eurem Account). Eure Freunde oder Familie sollen auch an dem Spaß teilhaben? Dann stellt sicher, dass ihr.
  3. GET THE VIRTUAL TICKET. Attention BlizzCon attendees! If you purchased a BlizzCon Pass, BlizzCon Portal Pass, or BlizzCon Benefit Dinner pass, our ticketing partner AXS will be sending Virtual Ticket codes to all current passholders starting today, so keep an eye on your inbox. If you have multiple tickets in your AXS account, you'll receive one email containing multiple codes (one for each ticket in your account). If you're planning to attend with friends or family, make sure.
  4. BlizzCon 2019 Virtual Ticket - die digitalen Goodies im Trailer BlizzCon Bestellen könnt ihr das Virtuelle Livestream-Ticket für 39,99 Euro hier auf der offiziellen Blizzcon-Webseite
  5. ©2021 Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. All rights reserved. All trademarks referenced herein are the properties of their respective owners.. Do not sell my personal.
  6. Watch. O S 2 4 p o n s o J r 1 K e d S J M 2. Blizzcon 2019 Tickets, price is for a single ticket. Includes statue. Brand New. $500.00. or Best Offer. Free shipping. Watch
  7. Blizzard knows their tickets are in demand and that not everyone can attend the event. To meet demand, they offer virtual tickets and physical tickets. A virtual ticket allows you to watch all the panels and tournaments from the comfort of your home. You might choose this option if you cannot travel or do not have time. A physical ticket grants you access to BlizzCon in Anaheim so you will be there in person to see the new games and features

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  1. g up with online ticketing vendor AXS to sell tickets to BlizzCon 2019. Tickets will be sold in two batches, with quantities of all three ticket types available on both dates: BlizzCon Ticket Sale #1: Saturday, May 4 - 10 a.m. PDT BlizzCon Ticket Sale #2: Wednesday, May 8 - 7 p.m. PD
  2. The BlizzCon 2019 Virtual Ticket is now available to purchase and with it comes a bunch of in-game stuff for WoW, Overwatch, Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, StarCraft 2, and Diablo 3. As with previous years, the BlizzCon Virtual Ticket costs $49.99 and gives you access to all of the streams during the event
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  4. Yes, you get the in-game goodies + access to the Virtual Ticket VODs system (system) closed 19 December 2019 14:38 #3 This topic was automatically closed after 43 days
  5. BlizzCon 2019 was announced on April 25, 2019 and will happen primarily on Friday, November 1 and Saturday, November 2, 2019. Tickets go on sale in two batches, one on Saturday, May 4 at 10 a.m. PT and the other on Wednesday, May 8 at 7 p.m. PT via the axs.com/blizzcon website (changed from universe.com in 2018). BlizzCon Benefit Dinner Tickets go on sale with regular tickets, but at $750 USD each. Overvie
  6. Blizzard has revealed all of the BlizzCon 2019 Virtual Ticket items, including Finduin and Gillvanas Murlocs, and Wendigo Woolies Transmog, as the WoW rewards. It's been a few years since we had Murloc pets, as last year rewarded the Classic demo and cloaks, while the year before we had elaborate mounts
  7. Today we are showcasing the 2019 Blizzcon Virtual ticket rewards for Diablo, Overwatch, WoW, Hearthstone & Starcraft, enjoy! PODCAST: http://bluddshed.libsyn..

How To Buy BlizzCon 2019 Tickets and List of Perks For Every Ticket Tier Overview of purchasing tickets for BlizzCon 2019, including updates to this year's ticketing and badge process, and breakdown of each ticket tier including the new BlizzCon Portal Pass BlizzCon virtual tickets are available for purchase from Battle.net for $50 each or your regional equivalent (so, 65 bucks where I live) and are restricted to one per Blizzard account. BlizzCon.. Für knapp 40 Euro ist es den Blizzard-Fans rund um den Globus möglich, den Panels und Enthüllungen der BlizzCon 2019 beizuwohnen, indem sie das Virtual Ticket shoppen. Und wer das Geld auf die. The BlizzCon Virtual Ticket comes with a cache of commemorative extras to help you get into the show spirit in-game, including items for World of Warcraft®,.

Tickets to physically attend BlizzCon 2019 sold out months ago, but as in past years, those who want to watch the show's various panels and events as they happen can now buy a Virtual Ticket to. BlizzCon 2019 is a mere month away and with that comes the launch of the virtual tickets. If you can't attend the event in person, you can still participate at home and get some sweet rewards that. The Blizzcon 2019 Virtual Ticket has been made available for purchase. There's stuff for nearly every game although they didnt show it. Blizzcon 2019 will have something for Diablo III. A reply tweet from Diablo on twitter shows an image that says we will get Wings

Blizzard Entertainment announced that BlizzCon 2019 would be held on November 1 and 2 at the Anaheim Convention Center, with tickets being available to purchase from AXS.com on May 4 and 8. In lieu of the traditional goodie bag, convention attendees will be able to choose between an orc grunt or human footman statue to commemorate 25 years of Warcraft Gewinnt Virtual Tickets für die BlizzCon 2019. Damit ihr in diesem Jahr das Warcraft-Jubiläum auf der BlizzCon mitfeiern könnt, ohne in die USA zu fliegen, verlosen wir zusammen mit Blizzard sogenannte Virtual Tickets. Damit habt ihr Zugriff auf Livestreams und Videos zu allen Turnieren, Shows und Interviews. Außerdem erhaltet ihr zahlreiche exklusive digitale Inhalte zu WoW, Overwatch. If you want to get the most out of your BlizzCon home-viewing experience, you'll need to pick up the BlizzCon 2019 Virtual Ticket, which comes with two full days of All-Access Channel content.

BlizzCon Pass ($230) - This is the core BlizzCon ticket you know and love, and what most BlizzCon attendees will want to go for. The BlizzCon Pass provides the same full general-admission access. BlizzCon is a week away and while most people are excited for various reveals at the opening keynote, many fans who can't visit in person end up getting the Virtual Ticket for the event. This lets. Blizzcon 2019 - Gewinnt 10 virtuelle Tickets Wer zur BlizzCon will, muss entweder nach Kalifornien fliegen oder bleibt gemütlich zu Hause und schaut die gesamte Messe über das virtuelle Ticket This year's BlizzCon 2019 ticket sales are coming really, really soon, so you'll need to be ready to grab some before they sell out. Here's how to up your chances at securing a pass to Blizzard's annual event. There will be two separate days to purchase BlizzCon tickets this year

BlizzCon 2019 Virtual Ticket Announcement Blizzard Entertainment. Add set to downloads BlizzCon 2019 Virtual Ticket Offerings. BC19 VT Agnostic PR 1080x1080 MN03. 1.1MB JPG BC19 VT Agnostic PR 970x250 MN03. 254.2kB JPG BC19 VT OW PR 1080x1080 MN02. 1.2MB JPG BC19 VT WoW PR 1080x1080 MN02. 1.0MB JPG. Die neue Ticketoption bietet einige Annehmlichkeiten wie etwa Parkplätze, verfrühten Zugang zum Dunkelmond-Jahrmarkt und zu den Messehallen. Auch wird es zur BlizzCon 2019 wieder ein Virtual Ticket geben, allerdings ist noch nicht bekannt, wie teuer das wird But Did You Check eBay? Check Out Blizzcon 2019 On eBay. Looking For Great Deals On Blizzcon 2019? From Everything To The Very Thing. All On eBay

Neben ausgewählten Gratis-Streams wird es sämtliche Formate von der Blizzcon nur mit dem virtuellen Ticket für 39,99 Euro auch von zu Hause oder unterwegs zu sehen geben. Dieses beinhaltet eine.. If you can't be at BlizzCon in person, the Virtual Ticket is the ultimate way to be part of the planet's most epic community celebration from wherever you call home. *Hearthstone and Diablo III items will be available on or before December 31, 2019

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  1. Over the past couple of weeks Blizzard revealed the Key Art for Blizzcon 2019. With the reveal of the Key Art Blizzard also revealed that next month the Virtual Tickets will be available. Here's the Blizzcon 2019 Key Art featuring the Barbarian in the middle sporting less ridiculous wow-sized shoulders and just looking overall awesome
  2. I just look at the home page of this site during blizzcon, and get the same information without needing a virtual ticket or attending the rewards are often cool and or quirky, this seems very quirky to m
  3. BlizzCon 2019's Virtual Ticket turns Genji into Illidan and gives you Diablo 3 wings We're precisely one month away from BlizzCon 2019, and besides broad anticipation for whatever Blizzard is..
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Blizzcon 2019, the annual fan event put on by video game developer Blizzard, fans will have to buy a $50 virtual ticket to access livestreams of competitions and community events. Here's. The Virtual Ticket's purpose is for people to watch all of the BlizzCon panels, community contests, etc. online. The in-game items are supposed to be a bonus, not the main reason to buy it Während der BlizzCon 2019 hat Blizzard eine ganze Menge neuer Spiele und Updates vorgestellt. Auf der Videospiel-Messe verkündeten die Entwickler unter anderem News zu Diablo 4, Overwatch 2 und WoW About Blizzcon BlizzCon is an epic celebration of Blizzard Entertainment's game universes and the global player communities that bring them to life. This year is Blizzard's 13th BlizzCon; join everyone in celebrating at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California on Friday, November 1 and Saturday, November 2, 2019 For everything else, including full panels and a selection of digital goodies, you're going to need to buy the BlizzCon 2019 Virtual Ticket. Available for $50, the Virtual Ticket gives you the..

In order to watch everything online, however, fans will need to purchase £34.99/$49.99 USD Virtual Tickets, which provide access to BlizzCon All-Access Channel, Community Night contests (taking.. PRE-PURCHASE NOW. These statues are being produced specially for BlizzCon 2019, and we'll be doing a one-time, limited run based on the orders we receive—so if you want to make sure you get one, you'll need to put in your order before June 5, 2019 at 11:59 p.m. PDT These are the same panels that were available to watch without the Virtual Ticket paywall during BlizzCon 2019, so it makes sense that they continue to be freely available after BlizzCon. None of the panels locked to the Virtual Ticket have been uploaded to Blizzard's official channel, just the ones that were initially available to watch for free. If you'd like to read summaries of the paywalled panels, including voice acting, art, and cinematics, check out ou In one of the announcements during the BlizzCon 2019 Opening Ceremony, it has been announced that both BlizzCon 2019 attendees, as well as Virtual Ticket holders, will have access to both the newest hero in Heroes of the Storm, Deathwing, as well as access to the beta for Warcraft III: Reforged, starting next Tuesday on November 5th

Like every year, the full BlizzCon 2019 livestream is only available to those who purchase a Virtual Ticket for $50. It's a steep price, but it does include unrestricted access to the entire show,.. BlizzCon®: Bundles. Product Notification Available through September 15, 2021 Epic Pack. $59.99. Heroic Pack. $39.99. Essentials Pack. $19.99. Available actions. Buy Now . Gift . Add to Wish List . View Wish List . Learn more about The Celebration Collection . Product media gallery. Three Decades' Worth of Fun. Commemorate 30 years of Blizzard® games and universes with three treasure. The BlizzCon 2019 Virtual Ticket ($49.99) comes with a collection of commemorative extras to help players get into the convention spirit in-game, including items for World of Warcraft. Latecomers can also buy a BlizzCon 2019 Virtual Ticket for $42.49, down from $49.99, if they need those Warcraft-inspired Overwatch skins, half off a new subscription to World of Warcraft, and a..

BlizzCon 2019 Virtual Ticket Details Announced BlizzCon is almost upon us and it is time to get your hands on the annual Virtual Ticket and a ton of in-game goodies. By Haroon Sultan Oct. 2, 2019, 8:47 p.m. BlizzCon is almost upon us and it is time to get your hands on the annual Virtual Ticket that lets you watch every panel live online. The pass costs $49.99 and includes full access to. BlizzCon 2019 Virtual Ticket and live stream If you're not physically going to BlizzCon 2019, you can pick up a Virtual Ticket on Blizzard's website for $49.99, which gives you full access to the. Blizzcon 2019 tickets will open in May with a limited edition statue Blizzard has unveiled the details of its Blizzcon 2019 event, including its run dates, ticket launch times, and associated goodies

When they release those limited time skins, they need to make a decision to release afterwards or not and need to stick to that decision. Or else, nobody will buy the virtual ticket for the following years, because they can just wait to get it later BlizzCon 2016, also known as BlizzCon X, was the tenth BlizzCon event. Its tickets were sold on April 20 and 23 using the ticketing service Universe. Blizzard offered a Virtual Ticket for live online streaming of all of the esports events and major panels, remaining at the $39.99 price. Other panels and interviews in smaller rooms were not. As usual, fans can buy a Virtual Ticket to watch live at home. BlizzCon 2019 Dates Announced; Here's When You Can Get Tickets TheDCD | 26th April 2019. Blizzard Entertainment has announced that BlizzCon 2019 will take place on November 1 - 2, and fans are hoping for a strong showing this year. Blizzcon 2018 Details Announced Shannon Doyle | 9th April 2018. If you're planning on attending.

These are the same panels that were available to watch without the Virtual Ticket paywall during BlizzCon 2019, so it makes sense that they continue to be freely available after BlizzCon. None of the panels locked to the Virtual Ticket have been uploaded to Blizzard's official channel, just the ones that were initially available to watch for free. If you'd like to read summaries of the. BlizzCon 2019, the biggest Blizzard celebration of the year, is finally here! And this is where you can keep up with all of the big announcements, watch new gameplay footage and trailers, and even. Well, to add fuel to that big huge fire -- a huge protest is being planned for BlizzCon 2019 with protest organizer Dayton Young telling GameSpot that Activision-Blizzard's reduction of the. News - BlizzCon 2019: Virtuelle Tickets gehen samt Extras in den Verkauf. Von Tobias Simon | 01.10.2019 19:53 Uhr | Kommentieren. Teilen Tweet Mail. Auch in diesem Jahr veranstaltet Kult. BlizzCon Virtual Ticket Giveaway! With BlizzCon 2019 on the horizon, we are giving away 10 BlizzCon Virtual Tickets to the DiabloFans community, courtesy of Blizzard! With a Virtual Ticket, fans will be able to watch in-depth live coverage of BlizzCon alongside fellow members of the Blizzard community on November 1 and 2, including two days of the All-Access Channel, the Community Night.

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Die BlizzCon findet seit 2005 zumeist jährlich (Ausnahme in den Jahren 2006 und 2012) im Anaheim Convention Center (Kalifornien, USA) statt. Sie wird vor allem dazu benutzt, um neue Spiele und Spielinhalte des Unternehmens zu präsentieren, daneben finden eSport-Wettbewerbe zu den firmeneigenen Spielen statt. 2012 wurde die Messe mit der offiziellen Begründung ausgesetzt, dass sich das. BLIZZCON 2019 OVERWATCH 2 PANEL TRANSCRIPT: 1. Push & New Maps: 2. Story Missions: 3. Hero Missions: 4. Progression System: 5. Hero Visuals: Buy the BlizzCon Virtual Ticket while VODs last. Hope you enjoyed this article. Please, support Blizzplanet on Patreon, and follow us in Twitter, Facebook and YouTube for daily Blizzard games news updates. Tomas Hernandez is owner of Blizzplanet.com since. BlizzCon: Das virtuelle Ticket für die BlizzCon - das erwartet euch BlizzCon Damit erhaltet ihr unter anderem Zugang zu zahlreichen Live-Streams von den Events der BlizzCon 2017 Blizzcon 2017: Termin, Preise, Virtual Ticket Die Blizzcon, Blizzards Hausmesse, findet auch in diesem Jahr wieder statt. Anfang November steigt die Blizzard-Party wie gewohnt in Anaheim, Kalifornien

Blizzcon 2019: Hearthstone Hong Kong protests, Diablo IV, Overwatch 2, World of Warcraft and more. The developer behind Overwatch, Diablo and Hearthstone is under fire for its handling of the Hong. BlizzCon 2019 Virtual Ticket Holders Get New WoW-Themed Overwatch Skins and Other Goodies. Blizzard has announced the awesome digital goodies that will be given to gamers that purchase a 2019. Blizzard Entertainment announced the return of BlizzCon for November 2019, with tickets on sale soon in early May. The convention will return to the Anaheim Convention Center on Nov. 1 and Nov. 2, Hi zusammen, Ich würde mir sehr gerne wieder ein virtuelles Ticket für die Blizzcon kaufen, allerdings finde ich hierzu nichts im Shop/Internet. Habe ich den Kauf verpasst oder gab es die bis jetzt noch nicht? Eigentlic Blizzcon virtual ticket 2019. Community. Allgemeines. Startseite Kategorien FAQ / Richtlinien Nutzungsbedingungen Datenschutzrichtlinien. Mit Unterstützung von Discourse.

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WTS Virtual Blizzcon ticket. Got a couple extra codes for sale. Comes with all the goodies as well as access to the con VODs. 1. 5 comments. 1. Posted by Given the AXS app/site allows people to resell/buy tickets, the eBay route isn't as necessary. With last year's reveals and the general uneasiness around WoW, people may be waiting until closer to the con date to decide to buy. The con is always packed, but people are typically spread out quite well regardless. level 2. 2 points · 1 year ago. I'm pretty sure it's lack of demand. level 2. BlizzCon 2019 Dates Announced; Here's When You Can Get Tickets TheDCD | 26th April 2019 Blizzard Entertainment has announced that BlizzCon 2019 will take place on November 1 - 2, and fans are hoping for a strong showing this year

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BLIZZCON 2019 OVERWATCH 2 PANEL TRANSCRIPT: 1. Push & New Maps: 2. Story Missions: 3. Hero Missions: 4. Progression System: 5. Hero Visuals: Buy the BlizzCon Virtual Ticket while VODs last To purchase a virtual ticket, visit the BlizzCon website and fill in the necessary information. In addition to the Overwatch skins, fans can enjoy treats in World of Warcraft, Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, Starcraft II and more. Don't miss the chance to catch these exclusive goodies before they vanish to the Blizzard vault Everything That Happened at BlizzCon 2019 - Diablo IV, Overwatch 2, Shadowlands. As little as less than $1 a month to enjoy an ad-free experience, unlock premium features, and support the site

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La compañía ha detallado a través de su página web todos los detalles acerca del mayor encuentro anual de la marca; arranca el 1 de noviembre. La BlizzCon 2019 está a punto de comenzar. Este. On Monday, Blizzard announced a replacement for BlizzCon 2020 — cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. BlizzConline will take place Feb. 19-20 and feature a host of community events so fans can. 2017 BlizzCon Virtual Ticket In-Game Goodies Digital Code. $249.98. Free shipping . Blizzard Hearthstone Hero Series Complete Physical Card Set 9 Blizzcon Gift Mint. $18.99. $6.99 shipping. or Best Offer. 0 bids · Ending Saturday at 10:45PM PST 6d 22h. 2011 BlizzCon Framed Key Art Print - Signed by Glenn Rane. $41.00. $8.00 shipping. 13 bids · Ending Today at 5:25PM PST 17h 21m. Blizzcon. Buy the BlizzCon Virtual Ticket while VODs last. Hope you enjoyed this article. Please, support Blizzplanet on Patreon, Previous BlizzCon 2019: Blizzard Arcade Hall Photos. Next BlizzCon 2019 Panel Transcripts. About The Author. Medievaldragon. Tomas Hernandez is owner of Blizzplanet.com since 2003. I post news about World of Warcraft, StarCraft II, Diablo III, Hearthstone, Overwatch. The opening ceremony is usually streamed live on Blizzcon's website, but for the rest of the show, fans will have to buy a virtual ticket that gives them access to livestreams of competitions and..

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As is the case basically every year, BlizzCon 2017 is completely sold out for physical tickets. But you don't necessarily have to miss out on the event, as the BlizzCon Virtual Ticket is coming. eu.battle.ne The virtual ticket also, of course, lets you watch all of the developer panels that take place at BlizzCon, so if you're already picked one up, it could still be worth holding on to Blizzard Entertainment announced today that tickets to its annual BlizzCon fan convention will include a commemorative statue and that a new luxury ticket tier will launch when tickets go on sale.

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BlizzCon's virtual ticket will save you a trip and let you buy a schwag bag for the first time New, 11 comments By Dave Tach @dptach Aug 20, 2015, 11:00am ED Virtuelles Ticket bestellen Zeigt eure Treue mit BlizzCon-Beute im Spiel Sobald der Kauf des virtuellen Tickets vom System bearbeitet wurde, können Spieler ihre neuen Umhänge und Banner in ihrer Sammlung im Spiel (Umschalttaste und P) unter dem Reiter Vorlagen und Spielzeugkiste finden Last week we announced that everyone who buys a ticket to BlizzCon 2019 will receive their choice of BlizzCon Commemorative Collectible statue—the mighty axe-wielding Orc Grunt, or the fierce and noble Human Footman. Starting today and for a limited time, we're inviting everyone—whether you're going to BlizzCon or not—to celebrate 25 years of Warcraft with us by pre-purchasing either.

Published 4:38 PM EDT, Sat November 2, 2019 Photo Illustration: Shannon Liao/ CNN. Now playing 02:29 Rapper Offset on why gaming could be bigger than hip-hop Google. Google Earth's new timelapse. BlizzCon officially begins today, and Virtual Ticket holders to the event are getting some awesome swag. Anyone who bought one has received a host of virtual goodies for their favorite Blizzard. BlizzCon 2019 Info. BlizzCon 2019 Galleries. Want to see more BlizzCon 2019 pictures? Click Here to view the full gallery! Featured BlizzCon 2019 News. 2439. Last Chance to Nab a Free BlizzCon 2011 Virtual Ticket! Comment to Win! posted 2011/10/20 at 4:00 PM updated 2011/10/21 at 12:46 PM by Ashelia. Blizzard gave ZAM a two BlizzCon 2011 livestream codes so we're passing them on to you in the.

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For Blizzcon 2019 we got the Wendigo Woolies transmog items. I'm guessing the FD set was going to be the virtual ticket item this year but because Blizzcon got cancelled/postponed they threw it up on the store. It would also make sense because of the detail of the set and how the video for it seems to be thrown together at the last minute Overwatch 2 auf der Blizzcon 2019 angekündigt! Blizzard enthüllte auf der Blizzcon 2019 Overwatch 2. Hier findet ihr die wichtigsten Infos zum neuen Multiplayer-Shooter mit Koop-Anteilen Blizzard kündigt den Termin für die diesjährige Blizzcon an. Am 3. und 4. November veranstaltet das Studio wieder einmal seine Hausmesse - und das wie gewohnt im Convention Center in Anaheim,.. BlizzCon 2021 Schedule. This year's virtual event will begin with the traditional Opening Ceremony on Feb. 19 at 5 pm ET.Expect to hear updates about your favorite games, upcoming projects, and.

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The Virtual Ticket costs $49.99. BlizzCon 2019 Location. This year's BlizzCon will be held at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, CA. BlizzCon 2019 News. Here's the latest news coming. BlizzCon 2019 schedule: Opening ceremony, panels, events, and more Don't miss any Diablo and Overwatch announcements with our BlizzCon 2019 schedul BLIZZCON 2019 DIABLO IV: WORLD AND LORE PANEL TRANSCRIPT: 1. Intro: 2. The Tone of Sanctuary: 3. Lore: 4. World Building: 5. The World: 6. Monsters: 7. Q&A: Buy the BlizzCon Virtual Ticket while VODs last. Hope you enjoyed this article. Please, support Blizzplanet on Patreon (monthly) or PayPal (once), and follow us on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch for daily Blizzard games news. The BlizzCon 2019 dates have been announced as 1st-2nd November, and the show will take place at the usual Anaheim Convention Centre spot just over the road from Disneyland

Live your BlizzCon ® 2019 experience in your home with the virtual ticket, which is now available! Follow the link to see all the swag and content you win with your virtual ticket: blizz.ly/BoletoVirtual2019 . Translated. Acompáñanos en BlizzCon 2019. La celebración épica de los juegos y la comunidad de Blizzard Entertainment: 1 y 2 de noviembre de 2019 · Anaheim, CA. Acompáñanos.


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BlizzCon 2019 World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Panel Transcriptblizzcon ticket | TumblrOriginal Womens Hippie Sunflower American Flag 4th OfBlizzard details its content release plan for World of
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